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Animation Playing Suggestions

To test your setup, please download the following small test movie test.mpg.

Data used in making the animations

You may also download the 1° resolution gridded gridded winds data and half degree resolution stress data from our website. You can also find out how we created the gridded wind data.

Favorite Animations

We have also put together some movies using QSCAT data that we feel best demonstrate what we're doing. They can be accessed by clicking on our Favorite movies.

Animation Locator (Text-only interface)

[Northern Hemisphere] [Southern Hemisphere] [Mediterranean and Indian Ocean] [COAPS Favorites]

if this is visible use the links on the right Greenland-Iceland-UK Gap North Sea Barents Sea Bering Strait South China Sea Sea of Japan Western Equatorial Pacific Western North Pacific North Pacific Equatorial Pacific Eastern Equatorial Pacific Eastern North Pacific Hudson Bay and Baffin Bay Gulf of Mexico Western North Atlantic Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico North Atlantic Eastern North Atlantic Equatorial Atlantic
  1. Greenland-Iceland-UK Gap
  2. North Sea
  3. Barents Sea
  4. Bering Strait
  5. South China Sea
  6. Sea of Japan
  7. Western Equatorial Pacific Ocean
  8. Western North Pacific Ocean
  9. North Pacific Ocean
  10. Equatorial Pacific Ocean
  11. Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean
  12. Eastern North Pacific Ocean
  13. Hudson Bay and Baffin Bay
  14. Gulf of Mexico
  15. Western North Atlantic Ocean
  16. Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico
  17. North Atlantic Ocean
  18. Eastern North Atlantic Ocean
  19. Equatorial Atlantic Ocean

if you see this, you need to use the links on the right Southern Ocean South Atlantic Equatorial Atlantic Eastern South Pacific Eastern Equatorial Pacific Pacific Basin South Pacific Equatorial Pacific Western South Pacific Western Equatorial Pacific South Eastern Indian Ocean South Indian Basin South Indian Ocean South Western Indian Ocean Atlantic Indian Basin
  1. Southern Ocean
  2. South Atlantic Ocean
  3. Equatorial Atlantic Ocean
  4. Eastern South Pacific Ocean
  5. Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean
  6. Pacific Basin
  7. South Pacific Ocean
  8. Equatorial Pacific Ocean
  9. Western South Pacific Ocean
  10. Western Equatorial Pacific Ocean
  11. South Eastern Indian Ocean
  12. South Indian Basin
  13. South Indian Ocean
  14. South Western Indian Ocean
  15. Atlantic Indian Basin

if this is visible use the links on the right Western Mediterranean Sea Mediterranean Sea Eastern Mediterranean Sea Arabian Sea North Indian Ocean Bay of Bengal South China Sea Malaysia Equatorial Atlantic South Atlantic South Western Indian Ocean South Indian Ocean South Eastern Indian Ocean Atlantic Indian Basin South Indian Basin Southern Ocean
  1. Western Mediterranean Sea
  2. Mediterranean Sea
  3. Eastern Mediterranean Sea
  4. Arabian Sea
  5. North Indian Ocean
  6. Bay of Bengal
  7. South China Sea
  8. Malaysia
  9. Equatorial Atlantic Ocean
  10. South Atlantic Ocean
  11. South Western Indian Ocean
  12. South Indian Ocean
  13. South Eastern Indian Ocean
  14. Atlantic Indian Basin
  15. South Indian Basin
  16. Southern Ocean

[Northern Hemisphere] [Southern Hemisphere] [Mediterranean and Indian Ocean] [Favorite NSCAT]


Funding for this project is from the NASA JPL NSCAT Project and the Oregon State University SeaWinds Project. COAPS receives its base funding from ONR's Secretary of Navy Grant to Dr. James J. O'Brien.

Send all comments and suggestions to nscat-anim@coaps.fsu.edu.

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