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Development Team

COAPS/NSCAT Wind Animations

Several of us are seen at conferences displaying these animations, but others also deserve credit for making this project a success. Many steps are involved in the processes that make the scatterometry wind animations available on our website. The scatterometry swath data is retrieved from the PO.DAAC, reduced to a compact data set, and assimilated into 1o daily gridded fields. These gridded fields are used in the moving vector program to produce the animations. This entire series is automated, and the website displaying these animations is automatically updated when the new animations are completed.

  • Mark A. Bourassa
    Guidance for the project. Improvement of the original averaging methodology, and development of an improved version of the moving vector program.

  • David M. Legler
    Quality control of the gridded wind fields, and COAPS/NSCAT products.

  • Carlos Miranda, V
    Art work for the COAPS/NSCAT CDROM.

  • James J. O'Brien
    Originator of the concepts: the original averaging plan to produce the gridded data, and the goal of making the animations available on our website.

  • James N. Stricherz
    Data retrieval from the PO.DAAC, automation of the entire process, and HTML interface.

  • Kathy Verzone
    Coding of the moving vector program, and help in developing and testing improvements from an older version of the code.

  • Jiangyi Hu
    Developed the graphics for the moving vector animations, and programmed the data processing for data reduction and gridded wind fields.