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  • Hurricane Season

    A Biological Survey Cruise in the Labrador Sea

    Associate Research Scientist Dmitry Dukhovskoy recently participated in a research cruise taking biological and hydrodynamic survey of the continental shelf break and deep basin in the northwestern Labrador Sea. Dr. Dukhovskoy provided physical oceanographic interpretations of observations (water masses, location of oceanic fronts, etc.), working the Moving Vessel Profiler -- a new instrument that allows for very detailed temperature and salinity measurements in the upper 300-500 m ocean


    IOVWST Meeting Highlights Air-Sea Coupling Solutions

    COAPS was well-represented at this year's International Ocean Vector Winds Science Team (IOVWST ) meeting, an annual forum for researchers to share progress in science related to ocean surface winds: oceanography, meteorology, air-sea interaction, and issues with instrumentation and data.

    Learn more about the IOVWST

  • Hurricane Hunters

    Hurricane Hunters

    "It's a pretty impressive experience to witness Mother Nature's force firsthand." -- Dr. Heather Holbach, Hurricane Hunter.

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  • Summer Outreach

    Ocean Science Outreach

    Outreach intern Lucia Gil, a senior studying biology at FSU, interacted with more than 200 children ages 4-14 as part of COAPS' 2019 summer outreach initiative. Gil designed each of the lessons and hands-on demonstrations and activities, which dealt with the nature of clouds, ocean currents, and hurricanes. She also developed creative activities to help students appreciate issues related to plastics in the ocean and plankton's role in the ocean.

  • Ethan Wright presents research at IOVWST

    Ethan Wright, master's student in meteorology, presented a poster on "A Comparison of Buoys and Scatterometers in High Wind Conditions" at the International Ocean Vector Winds Team annual meeting.

    Learn about graduate studies at COAPS

COAPS takes interdisciplinary approach to scientific research about ocean-atmosphere interactions

Source: "Across the Spectrum" Magazine

The Earth’s climate is determined by the extremely complex interplay of land masses, waters and the atmosphere. Everything matters: water temperature, clouds, mountains, swamps, waves, wind and so much more. So it only makes sense that when trying to predict where our climate is headed long term — or whether it will rain on your wedding day — the chances of finding answers are much better when scientists who study all of those things work together. That’s the premise of FSU’s Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies — COAPS for short — which describes itself as a research center that "performs interdisciplinary research in ocean-atmosphere-land-ice interactions to increase our understanding of the physical, social and economic consequences of climate variability." Read more.

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