Krause, J. W., Stukel, M. R., Taylor, A. G., Taniguchi, D. A. A., De Verneil, A., & Landry, M. R. (2016). Net biogenic silica production and the contribution of diatoms to new production and organic matter export in the Costa Rica Dome ecosystem. J Plankton Res, 38(2), 216–229.
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Wang, S., Kranz, S. A., Kelly, T. B., Song, H., Stukel, M. R., & Cassar, N. (2020). Lagrangian Studies of Net Community Production: The Effect of Diel and Multiday Nonsteady State Factors and Vertical Fluxes on O2/Ar in a Dynamic Upwelling Region. J. Geophys. Res. Biogeosci., 125(6), e2019JG005569.
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