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Smith, S. R.; Bourassa, M. A.; O'Brien, J. J. Marine Meteorology Quality Control at the Florida State University 2003 First workshop on the quality assurance of real-time ocean data, National Data Buoy Center, Stennis, MS, USA 40-42
Smith, S. R.; Green, P. M.; Leonardi, A. P.; O'Brien, J. J. The role of lower and upper tropospheric circulations in forcing ENSO winter precipitation anomalies 1998 9th Symposium on Global Change Studies, American Meteorological Society, Phoenix, AZ, USA 176-179
Smith, S. R.; O'Brien, J. J.; Patten, J. M. Regional snowfall distributions associated with ENSO 2001 Symposium on Climate Variations, the Oceans, and Societal Impacts, American Meteorological Society, Albuquerque, NM, USA 19-26
Smith, S. R.; Reynolds, R. M.; O'Brien, J. J. Report and Recommendations from the Workshop on High-Resolution Marine Meteorology 2003 38
Smith, S.R.; Brolley, J.; O'Brien, J.J.; Tartaglione, C.A. ENSO's Impact on Regional U.S. Hurricane Activity 2007 Journal of Climate 20 1404-1414
Smith, S.R.; Green, P.M.; Leonardi, A.P.; O'Brien, J.J. Role of Multiple-Level Tropospheric Circulations in Forcing ENSO Winter Precipitation Anomalies 1998 Monthly Weather Review 126 3102-3116
Smith, S.R.; Legler, D.M.; Remigio, M.J.; O'Brien, J.J. Comparison of 1997-98 U.S. Temperature and Precipitation Anomalies to Historical ENSO Warm Phases 1999 Journal of Climate 12 3507-3515
Smith, S.R.; O'Brien, J.J. Regional Snowfall Distributions Associated with ENSO: Implications for Seasonal Forecasting 2001 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 82 1179-1191
Smith, S.R.; Servain, J.; Legler, D.M.; Stricherz, J.N.; Bourassa, M.A.; O'Brien, J.J. In Situ-Based Pseudo-Wind Stress Products for the Tropical Oceans 2004 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 85 979-994
Smith, SR; Bourassa, MA; Legler, DM; O'Brien, JJ Value of quality evaluated, high-temporal resolution marine meteorology observations 2001 Symposium on Climate Variability, the Oceans and Societal Impacts 148-153

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