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Penduff, T.; Barnier, B.; Dewar, W.K.; O'Brien, J.J. Dynamical Response of the Oceanic Eddy Field to the North Atlantic Oscillation: A Model-Data Comparison 2004 Journal of Physical Oceanography 34 2615-2629
Phelps, M.; Kumar, A.; O'Brien, J. J. Potential predictability in the NCEP/CPC dynamical seasonal forecast system 2002 54
Phelps, M.W.; Kumar, A.; O'Brien, J.J. Potential Predictability in the NCEP CPC Dynamical Seasonal Forecast System 2004 Journal of Climate 17 3775-3785
Podesta, G.; Hansen, J.; Jones, J. W.; Kiker, C.; LaRow, T. E.; Legler, D.; Letson, D.; O'Brien, J. J.; Royce, F. An end¬to¬end Framework for the Effective Application of ENSO Related Climate Forecasts in the Agricultural Sector of Argentina 1999 79th AMS Annual Meeting, AMS, Dallas, TX, USA
Podesta, G.; Letson, D.; Jones, J.; Mesian, C.; Royce, F.; Ferreyra, A.; O'Brien, J. J.; Legler, D.; Hansen, J. Experiences in Application of ENSO-related Climate Information in the Agricultural Sector of Argentina 2000 International Forum on Climate Prediction, Agriculture and Development 217-221
Podestá, G.; Letson, D.; Messina, C.; Royce, F.; Ferreyra, R.A.; Jones, J.; Hansen, J.; Llovet, I.; Grondona, M.; O'Brien, J.J. Use of ENSO-related climate information in agricultural decision making in Argentina: a pilot experience 2002 Agricultural Systems 74 371-392
Putman, W.M.; Legler, D.M.; O'Brien, J.J. Interannual Variability of Synthesized FSU and NCEP-NCAR Reanalysis Pseudostress Products over the Pacific Ocean 2000 Journal of Climate 13 3003-3016
Putnam, W. M.; Legler, D. M.; O'Brien, J. J. Assimilation of FSU and NCEP reanalysis pseudostress products over the Pacific ocean and Complex EOF Analysis of the Resulting Fields 1998
Putnam, W. M.; Legler, D. M.; O'Brien, J. J. Variational Blending Of FSU Tropical Pacific Wind Product Into NCEP Reanalyses Fields 1998 131-134
Raulerson, A. E.; Arguez, A.; O'Brien, J. J.; Smith, S. R. Interannual to interdecadal surface temperature variability of Florida 2005 15th Conference on Applied Climatology, American Meteorological Society, Savannah, Georgia, USA

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