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Culin, J. C. Wintertime ENSO Variability in Wind Direction Across the Southeast United States 2006
Maue, R. N. Evolution of Frontal Structure Associated with Extratropical Transitioning Hurricanes 2004
Maue, R Warm Seclusion Extratropical Cyclones 2010
May, J Quantifying Variance Due to Temporal and Spatial Difference Between Ship and Satellite Winds 2010
McDonald, E. M. Designing Reliable Large-Scale Storage Arrays 2007
Michael, J-P ENSO Fidelity in Two Coupled Models 2010
Moeller, L Low-Frequency Variations of the Sea Breeze in Florida 2011
Pantina, P Characterizing the Variability of the Indian Monsoon: Changes in Evaporative Sources for Summertime Rainfall Events 2010
Moroni, D. F. Global and Regional Diagnostic Comparison of Air-Sea Flux Parameterizations during Episodic Events 2008
Samuelsen, A Modeling the Effect of Eddies and Advection on the Lower Trophic Ecosystem in the Northeast Tropical Pacific 2005

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