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Bourassa, M. A.; Hughes, P. J. Impacts of High Resolution SST Fields on Objective Analyses of Wind Fields, and Practical Constraints Related to Sampling 2009 International GHRSST User Symposium, GHRSST 2
Todd, A., D. Dukhovskoy, M. Griffin Effectiveness of the Keetch-Byram Drought Index toward the estimation of fires in Florida 2009 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology submitted
Bozec, A., Kageyama, M., Ramstein, G., Creepon, M. Impact of a Last Glacial Maximum sea-level drop on the Mediterranean Sea 2008 Earth and Planetary Science Letters submitted
Bozec, A., E. Chassignet, Z. Garraffo, G. Halliwell, and S. Lozier On the Variability of the Mediterranean Outflow Water in North Atlantic HYCOM Simulations, Research Activities in Atmospheric and Ocean Modeling 2008 CAS/JSC Working Group on Numerical Experimentation
Griffin, M. Extreme temperatures (2007-2008) 2008 Red-Cross/Florida Emergency Management Hazardous Weather Awareness Week Brochure
Gouillon, F. Internal wave generation over a ridge using the HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) 2008 AGU, Orlando, FL
Weissman, D. E.; Bourassa, M. A. Measurements of the Effect of Rain-induced Sea Surface Roughness on the Satellite Scatterometer Radar Cross Section 2008 XXIX General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science, Union of Radio Science International 4
Lim, Y.-K. Applied meteorology in southeastern United States: Application to primary industry and prevention of hurricane damage 2008 Meteorological technology and policy 1 55-64
Smith, S. R.; Maue, R. N.; Bourassa, M. A. 'Global Winds', State of the Climate in 2007 2008 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 532-534
Bourassa, M. A., R. N. Maue, S. R. Smith, P. J. Hughes, and J. Rolph Global Winds: State of the Climate in 2006 2007 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 88 135

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