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Kara, A.B.; Wallcraft, A.J.; Martin, P.J.; Chassignet, E.P. Performance of mixed layer models in simulating SST in the equatorial Pacific Ocean 2008 Journal of Geophysical Research 113
Karmakar, N.; Misra, V. The Relation of Intraseasonal Variations With Local Onset and Demise of the Indian Summer Monsoon 2019 Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 124 2483-2506
Karmakar, N.; Misra, V. Differences in Northward Propagation of Convection Over the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal During Boreal Summer 2019 Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 125
Karmel, T. Using multiple methodologies to explore variation in rainfall events in the southeastern United States 2016
Katsaros, K B; Bentamy, A; Bourassa, M; Ebuchi, N; Gower, J; Liu, WT; Vignudelli, S Climate Data Issues from an Oceanographic Remote Sensing Perspective 2011 Remote Sensing of the Changing Oceans 7-32
Keclik, A. The Accuracy of the National Hurricane Center's United States Tropical Cyclone Landfall Forecasts in the Atlantic Basin (2004-2012) 2014
Keeling, T. B. Modified JMA ENSO Index and Its Improvements to ENSO Classification 2009
Kelly, D.L.; Letson, D.; Nelson, F.; Nolan, D.S.; Solís, D. Evolution of subjective hurricane risk perceptions: A Bayesian approach 2012 Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 81 644-663
Kelly, T. B. Spatial and interannual variability in export efficiency and the biological pump in an eastern boundary current upwelling system with substantial lateral advection 2018
Kelly, T.B.; Davison, P.C.; Goericke, R.; Landry, M.R.; Ohman, M.D.; Stukel, M,R. The Importance of Mesozooplankton Diel Vertical Migration for Sustaining a Mesopelagic Food Web 2019 FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE 6

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