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Penduff, T.; Barnier, B.; Kerbiriou, M.-A.; Verron, J. How Topographic Smoothing Contributes to Differences between the Eddy Flows Simulated by Sigma- and Geopotential-Coordinate Models 2002 Journal of Physical Oceanography 32 122-137
Sharp, R.J.; Bourassa, M.A.; O'Brien, J.J. Early Detection of Tropical Cyclones Using Seawinds-Derived Vorticity 2002 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 83 879-889
Hanley, D.E. The Evolution of a Hurricane-Trough Interaction from a Satellite Perspective 2002 Weather and Forecasting 17 916-926
Weissman, D.E.; Bourassa, M.A.; Tongue, J. Effects of Rain Rate and Wind Magnitude on SeaWinds Scatterometer Wind Speed Errors 2002 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 19 738-746
Shin, D.W.; Ahn, J.B. Adaptive Use of TRMM Observations for Tropical Precipitation Forecasts 2002 Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan 80 85-97
Grant, J; Erlebacher, G; O'Brien, J Case study: Visualizing ocean flow vertical motions using Lagrangian-Eulerian time surfaces 2002 IEEE Visualization 2002 Conference 529-532
Subrahmanyam, B.; Rao, K.H.; Srinivasa Rao, N.; Murty, V.S.N.; Sharp, R.J. Influence of a tropical cyclone on Chlorophyll-a Concentration in the Arabian Sea 2002 Geophysical Research Letters 29 22-1-22-4
Zamudio, L.; Hurlburt, H.E.; Metzger, E.J.; Smedstad, O.M. On the evolution of coastally trapped waves generated by Hurricane Juliette along the Mexican West Coast 2002 Geophysical Research Letters 29 56-1-56-4
Nakano, H.; Suginohara, N. Importance of the eastern Indian Ocean for the abyssal Pacific 2002 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 107 12-1-12-14
Morey, S.L. The spring transition from horizontal to vertical thermal stratification on a midlatitude continental shelf 2002 Journal of Geophysical Research 107

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