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Hilburn, K. Development of scatterometer-derived research quality surface pressure fields for the Southern Ocean 2002
Davis, X. J. Evaluation of wind products for forcing coastal ocean models 2002
Phelps, M. Assessment of the potential predictability in the NCEP/CPC dynamical seasonal forecast system 2002
Salapata, D. Winter temperature and precipitation verification of a version of the NCEP MRF climate model 2002
Tartaglione, C. A. Regional effects of ENSO on US hurricane landfalls 2002
Tilburg, C.E.; Subrahmanyam, B.; O'Brien, J.J. Ocean color variability in the Tasman Sea 2002 Geophysical Research Letters 29 125-1-125-4
Murty, V.S.N.; Subrahmanyam, B.; Sarma, M.S.S.; Tilvi, V.; Ramesh Babu, V. Estimation of sea surface salinity in the Bay of Bengal using Outgoing Longwave Radiation 2002 Geophysical Research Letters 29 22-1-22-4
Morey, S.L. The spring transition from horizontal to vertical thermal stratification on a midlatitude continental shelf 2002 Journal of Geophysical Research 107
Nakano, H.; Suginohara, N. Importance of the eastern Indian Ocean for the abyssal Pacific 2002 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 107 12-1-12-14
Zamudio, L.; Hurlburt, H.E.; Metzger, E.J.; Smedstad, O.M. On the evolution of coastally trapped waves generated by Hurricane Juliette along the Mexican West Coast 2002 Geophysical Research Letters 29 56-1-56-4

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