Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center
World Ocean Circulation Experiment

  Access quality-controlled surface meteorology data for over fifty WOCE-sponsored vessels. Also available are cruise track maps, data formats, and quality-control reports.

  The WOCE Data Assembly Center obtains the underway meteorological from WOCE cruises directly from principal investigators, national data centers, and vessel operators. The underway data are converted to a common netCDF format and are then quality controlled using automated and visual inspections. Automated routines identify unrealistic values, statistical outliers, incorrect ship positions and movement, and values that are out of proper time sequence. A visual evaluation of all variables is completed by trained meteorologists to identify significant problems or identify interesting meteorological events. Each problematic data value is assigned an appropricate quality flag.

  Statement of goals and progress for WOCE.

  The documentation on this web site includes our complete quality control handbook, describing every aspect of our data assessment and verification protocols; an addendum to the handbook, our file naming convention and data formats.

A list of other WOCE resources.

  Retrieve useful computer codes and other utilities to aid your data analysis efforts. Included is the NetCDF Primer: an introduction on how to read and understand NetCDF files. Download code for correct computation of true (earth-relative) winds from moving vessels.

  View a summary of the contents of the DAC, including data coverage maps and WOCE cruises with available meteorological data.

  Publications, reports, and scientific papers written by WOCE-MET staff.

  Our thanks to those who made the collection, inspection, and compilation of the research vessel data possible.

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