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RVSMDC Quality Control


The goal of our quality control (QC) is to provide well-documented, reliable, and consistent research vessel data to the scientific community. Data are evaluated using both automated and visual QC and flags are applied values at the parametric level. This means that each individual observation (for which QC is applied) will have a single alphabetic quality control flag. Our philosophy is to flag suspect values, not remove them from the data files. Accepting or excluding some flagged values may vary depending on the user's scientific goals, and our system retains all values for that purpose.

QC Talk
View powerpoint slides introducing basic data quality evaluation concepts and outlining our delayed-mode QC methods.

Quality Control Handbook
View our Quality Control Handbook and its addendum. The handbook provides details of our QC methods.

Access web page containing a manuscript and program codes related to true wind computation on ships.

Flag List
A brief description of the quality control flags [pdf] [doc] updatd in 2005 for the SAMOS Initiative. Previous (2002) list of QC flags along with their definitions.

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