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A quick reference list provides fast access to our quality processed data . Data are listed either under their designated project (e.g., SAMOS, CLIVAR, WOCE, or TOGA-COARE) or by ship name. (E.g., Woce cruises for the Knorr will be under WOCE DAC, not the R/V Knorr link.)

SAMOS Vessel Data
Access preliminary meteorological data from vessels participating in the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanograpic System (SAMOS) Initiative. One-minute interval observations are provided to the RVSMDC via daily emails from SAMOS vessels. All data have completed automated quality evaluation and common formatting.

R/V Data Inventory File
A tabular inventory (up to date as of 21 July 2006) is available and lists all underway non-WOCE surface meteorological data files available from the RVSMDC. Please view the readme which defines the format of the inventory.
(For WOCE surface meteorological data, see below under WOCE Data Assembly Center.)

Additional Research Vessel Data
August 2011 - An updated interface is now available to provide download access to additional research vessel underway meteorological and surface ocean data.

*NEW Select High Wind RV Observations * - Access a subset of high true wind speed marine reports extracted from the WOCE and RV data inventories.

CLIVAR Data Assembly Center
CLIVAR DAC Data - Access original (no quality control) meteorology data from CLIVAR cruises.

WOCE Data Assembly Center
Surface Meteorological Research Vessel Data - Access quality-controlled surface meteorology data for over fifty WOCE-sponsored vessels. Also available are cruise track maps, data formats, and quality-control reports.

A tabular inventory file is available and lists all WOCE surface meteorlogical data files available from the RVSMDC. Please view the readme which defines the format of the inventory.

Surface Meteorology Data - Info on TOGA-COARE surface met data.

WOCE Special Analysis Center
Psuedostress Analyses - Access the quicklook and research pseudostress fields and related documentation.

Flux Fields - Access surface flux fields for various regions of the global oceans. Some product are created by FSU, while others were provided for distribution by other institutes.

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