Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center


The RVSMDC, located at the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies on the campus of the Florida State University, collects, quality-controls, archives, and distributes surface meteorological observations from research vessels operated by the United States and the international community. Available data include observations made by nearly-continuous automated recording system and ship bridge crews. We specialize in the quality evaluation of high-temporal resolution observations from shipboard automated meteorological and oceanographic systems (SAMOS).

The RVSMDC uses both automated and visual quality control procedures developed for TOGA-COARE and WOCE to create value-added products. Our archive now contains data for approximately 80% of the completed WOCE cruises. We have expanded our archive to a number of non-WOCE cruises and we now have data for over 60 research vessels in our archive. Recent data include 1999 to present observations from the Ronald Brown. In 2005 we began receiving data from select research vessels via daily email transfers as part of the SAMOS Initiative.

Value-added research vessel meteorological data have been used to validate satellite measurement and model-derived global ocean fields. The observations have also proven ideal for ocean turbulent flux studies.

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