Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center
   Expanding beyond WOCE, the surface meteorology DAC has collected, quality controlled, and distributed data from a select set of U. S. and international research vessels. Uniformly formatted (ASCII and netCDF) files and quality control reports are available through ongoing and past projects.
Ron Brown

   The RVSMDC is expanding our archive to include AWS data from the NOAA R/Vs Ronald Brown and Ka'Imimoana. Quality controlled data and reports are now available for the Brown (1999-2003) and Ka'Imimoana (1999-2001).

   Quality evaluation of IMET automated weather observations on the R/V Roger Revelle and NOAA R/V Ronald Brown was completed as a pilot study for future IMET deployments on Volunteer Observing Ships (VOS). Value added IMET data for 1997 and 1998 and quality reports are available for these two vessels.

In addition, you can view an implementation plan for a proposed delayed-mode VOS-IMET data center at the RVSMDC.


   Expansion of our quality evaluated ship archive is necessary to complete planned validation studies. NSF sponsorship has allowed the evaluation of historical automated meteorology data for the R/V Meteor, Polarstern, Thompson, and Knorr. Data for these vessels and their quality reports can be accessed here.

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