Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center
   Recent interest in surface meteorological data collected by automated weather systems (AWS) on ships and moored platforms has led to a series of workshops. The workshops focus on improving the accuracy, calibration, quality, availability, and scientific application of marine AWS data.

   The workshop will identify scientific objectives achievable using high-resolution (sampling interval < 1 hr) marine meteorological data and draft a plan for sustained collection, calibration, quality control, and distribution of U.S. sponsored high-resolution observations that is consistent with the science objectives.

The workshop dates: 3-5 March 2003.

   The workshop will build upon the recommendations made at the first workshop. The workshop will focus on setting priorities and coordinating new activities associated with sustained collection of calibrated, quality controlled automated weather system observations on vessels and moored platforms. New topics include engaging the user community and interfacing with other national and international ocean observing programs.

The workshop dates: 15-16 April 2004.

   The workshop will identify areas of international collaboration between the Global Ocean Surface Underway Data (GOSUD) project and the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System (SAMOS) initiative. A secondary objective focuses on stimulating interest in utilizing GOSUD and SAMOS observations to further scientific objectives of the oceanic, atmospheric, and global climate communities.

The workshop dates: 2-4 May 2006.

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