Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center

High Wind Speed RV Data

In response to users in the air-sea flux and satellite validation communities, the RVSMDC extracted a subset of high true wind speed data from their archives of WOCE and post-WOCE research vessel meteorological observations. The FSU_RV_highwind1.txt file contains individual marine reports collected during the period 1989 to 2005 from a select set of research vessels. The marine reports were extracted from an extensive collection of both automated and bridge meteorological data. Only reports with unadjusted true (earth-relative) wind speeds greater than or equal to 20 m/s are included. The wind data must also pass a series of quality control processes.

A readme [PDF] describes the contents of the file.

The file was created based on the RVSMDC holdings as of 10 July 2006. Additional high wind records may be added as resources allow.

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