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WOCEMET 2001 Surface Flux Data

The WOCE Data Assembly Center/Special Analysis Center (DAC/SAC) for surface meteorology data (hereafter referred to as WOCE-MET) was established at Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS), Florida State University (FSU) in order to collect, check, and distribute all underway surface meteorological data recorded during WOCE.

This site contains surface stress and turbulent flux fields created by the SAC, the Southampton Oceanography Institute, satellite fluxes from NSCAT, as well as data from the US Navy's NOGAPS model. A companion site contains meteorology data from WOCE platforms in the Pacific, Atlantic, Southern, and Indian Oceans.

The following table lists the main information and briefly describes the data and documents accessible on this site:

Site Contents:

Info Pages Contents
DATA Contains the NEW Objective FSU Winds, Tropical Atlantic pseudostress and SST analyses (Servain), the Tropical Pacific and Indian pseudostress analyses (FSU), the surface flux fields for the Indian Ocean (FSU), SOC's surface flux climatology, the NOGAPS global model surface stresses (US Navy) and the Shriver & O'Brien Pacific analysis 1930-1989.
PLOTS Plots of the FSU tropical wind analyses
CODE Source code to allow computation of turbulent fluxes from our WOCE Surface Meteorology files.

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Support for WOCE-MET was provided by the National Science Foundation/Physical Oceanography Section, grant OCE-9818727. COAPS receives its base funding from the Physical Oceanography Section of the Office of Naval Research.

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