Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center
World Ocean Circulation Experiment

  Access the FSU Winds quicklook and research pseudostress fields and related documentation.

  The Methods used to create the flux fields vary from product to product. Some flux products were created by the WOCE SAC, while other institutes provided additional products for distribuiton. Documentation for each product is available on the individual product pages.

  Statement of goals and progress for WOCE.

  Access surface flux fields for various regions of the global oceans. Some product are created at the SAC, while others were provided for distribution by other institutes.

  Retrieve useful source code and utilities to aid your data analysis efforts. Included is the NetCDF Primer: an introduction on how to read and understand NetCDF files. Download code for correct computation of true (earth-relative) winds from moving vessels.

  View a summary of the contents of the SAC.

  Publications, reports, and scientific papers written by WOCE-MET staff.

  Our thanks to those providing data for our flux products and to those groups that have made their flux products available for distribution by the SAC.

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