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Southeast Climate

agroclimate screen

AgroClimate tools provide farmers with opportunities for pro-active adaptations to seasonal climate forecasts. 

COAPS is a leader in providing climate services to agriculture, forestry, water resources, and other sectors in the southeastern United States . Our center offers weather and crop reports for farmers in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama through the Florida Climate Center. AgroClimate is an interactive website that scientists at COAPS helped to develop. It provides climate, agriculture, and forestry information to help farmers better manage their crops for maximum outcome. AgroClimate uses crop simulation models along with historic and forecast climate data so farmers can compare probable outcomes under different climate conditions. Climate variability plays an important role in the production risks faced by producers. AgroClimate tools provide information for specific counties and regional overviews.

Seasonal Prediction

Scientists at COAPS use global and regional atmospheric climate models to make seasonal predictions about hurricane activity in the Atlantic. These models can be used to help farmers increase their crop yields. COAPS also works to assess the accuracy of regional versus global models for predicting climate parameters in the southeastern U.S. and to couple ocean, atmosphere, and crop models to improve agricultural forecasts.

gobal vs regional

Global and regional model predictions of the number of rainfall events greater than 12 mm/day for a winter season.
The regional model has proven to be more accurate than the global model.

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