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The nature of COAPS' research provides opportunities for engagement with teachers, graduate and undergraduate students, K-12 students, policy makers, and the general public. And COAPS is specifically committed to educating the public about research efforts and issues related to physical oceanography and meteorology. We regularly reach out to members of the science community, educational community, and the general public. To inquire about setting up a presentation or outreach event please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Classroom and School Activities
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K-12 Group Visits


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Public Engagement
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Community Service

Educational Resources and Activities

  • AgroClimate - Climate information for agricultural producers in the southeast USA.
  • ASK Florida - The Coalition for Science Literacy (CSL) at the University of South Florida and COAPS received a grant under NASA's Innovations in Climate Education program. The three-year project known as the Global Climate Change Education: Advancing Student Knowledge (ASK) Through Teacher Education, ended in 2013. However, the archived web pages include links to resources available through NASA and elsewhere to incorporate global climate change education in the classroom.
  • The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) - Volunteers working together to measure precipitation.
  • CPALMS Perspecitves STEM Videos - The CPALMS Perspectives initiative provides standards-aligned short (~5-min.) video resources highlighting experiences and thoughts regarding math and science from experts, teachers, professionals, and skilled enthusiasts. These brief videos may be useful for understanding technical content, learning new approaches to teaching, and for highlighting the appearance of science and mathematics concepts in practical, real-world situations. This initiative is focused on K-12 education standards from the mathematics and science standards.. 
  • Environmental Minute - The natural world explained in 1-minute segments by experts from FSU.
  • "Florida Climate Center Kids" Website - This easy-to-navigate website is packed with teacher resources, interactive tools, educational videos, and even links to games that your students can play to better understand weather and climate.
  • The Florida State University Young Scholars Program - COAPS regularly hosts high school students in this residential summer science and math program.
  • Middle School Teachers' Activity Guide to MYNASADATA ENSO Data Analysis - developed by Rachel R. Weihs
  • Satellites To Go! - Download a kit on NASA's Earth observation satellites! These fun activities were developed at COAPS for families with children ages 6-12.

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