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Post Doctoral Scholar

Rm. 252

(850) 645-0665 phone

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My research interest are following: Hurricane track and Intensity forecast (SHIPS, SPIKE), Multi-model and Ensemble forecasting, Asian Monsoon, Dynamical downscaling and seasonal prediction, Regional RSM-NHM, RSM-ROMS coupled modeling, Numerical Weather Prediction and Improvement, WRF-ARW modeling.

Recent Research Activities

Working on a very high resolution (2km grid) multi-decadal integrations over Puerto Rico to understand the impact of climate change over the land with dynamics downscaling of RSM-NHM models.

Bhardwaj, A., V. Misra, A. Mishra, A. Wootten, R. Boyles, J. H. Bowden and Adam J. Terando, 2016: Downscaling Future Climate Change Projections over Puerto Rico using a Non-Hydrostatic Atmospheric Model (under review Climatic Change).

2000 Levy Avenue
Building A, Suite 292
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2741
Phone: (850) 644-4581
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