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Assistant Research Scientist
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies

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My main research interest is in the dynamics of the climate working as a system. To achieve some understanding about the coupled climate system of high complexity, I am interested in using a hierarchy of models ranging from idealized single-column models to fully coupled climate system models and also in diagnosing the observed climate data.

I have in the past developed an atmosphere-vegetation interaction model in which the physical and ecophysiological processes are fully coupled. I have also formulated a new framework for climate feedback analysis which provides a different perspective on the thermodynamics and dynamics of climate change and climate sensitivity. Currently I am working on understanding the possible interaction between forced climate change and internal climate variability, the dynamics of ocean meso-scale eddy and mixing, and also cloud-related processes in climate models and observations.

I am also interested in geophysical fluid dynamics, such as the interaction of jets and eddies, and the role of mesoscale eddies in ocean transport and mixing processes.

2000 Levy Avenue
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Tallahassee, FL 32306-2741
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