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Monday, May 4

Renee Richardson: The Development of Atlantic Wind Climate Indices
Description: Both wind direction and magnitude have long been accepted as fundamental variables in atmospheric circulation variability. Wind vector component and wind magnitude based climate indices are developed for regions within the Atlantic to quantify atmospheric circulation pattern variations. I will be introducing the Atlantic Wind Indices project, discussing in detail the methodology for creating the wind indices, and preliminary results for creating an Atlantic storminess index.

Shawn Smith: Challenges Working with In-situ Winds.
Description: As part of an ongoing project to develop century-scale Atlantic wind indices, the challenges of working with in-situ marine wind data will be presented. The first challenge addressed is assessing the quality of marine winds from a heterogeneous mix of ships, buoys, rigs, and other observing platforms. Through comparisons of directional wind indices for the Gulf of Mexico, the author will document the sensitivity of the indices to the data quality, mix of platforms, and observational density in space and time.

Becca Beal: Using wind indices to assess variability over the past 95 years in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.
Description: Methods to create and initial results from wind indices in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico will be presented. The indices are derived from the ICOADS historical marine database. Results indicate increasing occurrences of eastward winds since 1980 in both regions. As a focus for my undergraduate honors thesis, I will use the 20th Century Reanalysis and the Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition method to isolate and interpret the signal in the Caribbean's eastward wind over the last 95 years.

Monday, June 1



NOTE:  Monthly talks are usually scheduled for the first Monday of each month (but the beginning of the semester and a Monday holiday change that for this month). The first talk starts at 11:00AM. Each talk is typically 12 minutes long (similar to many professional meetings), with 8 minutes for questions. Unless otherwise indicated, COAPS seminars and colloquia are are held in the COAPS Conference Room located at 2000 Levy Ave, Innovation Park

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