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NOTE:  Unless otherwise indicated, COAPS seminars and colloquia are are held in the COAPS Conference Room located at 2000 Levy Ave, Innovation Park

Monday, February 4 - COAPS Short Seminar Series

Yana Bebieva (GFDI)
Double-diffusive layering in the Arctic Ocean: an explanation of along-layer temperature and salinity gradients

Description: A type of ocean mixing process, double-diffusive convection, gives rise to layers in the Arctic Ocean that may be characterized by their differing temperature and salinity properties. The properties and physics of these layers are key to understanding how heat is transported vertically and laterally in the Arctic Ocean. A theoretical formalism is put forward to explain distinct features of the layers that are characterized in the Ice-Tethered Profiler observations. The physical framework in context with observations brings new understanding to how the layers form, and how they relate to heat and salt transport in the Arctic Ocean.

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