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Dissertation directed

  1. Selman, C., Summer 2015: Simulating the impacts and sensitivity of the Southeastern United STates Climatology to Irrigation.

  2. Kozar, M., Spring 2015: Analysis and prediction of integrated kinetic energy in Atlantic tropical cyclones.

  3. Michael, J. -P., Summer 2014: On initializing CGCMs for seasonal predictability of ENSO.

    Thesis directed

    1. Noska, R., Spring 2016: Characterizing onset and demise of the Indian Monsoon.

    2. Selman, C., Summer 2012: Understanding the 21st century projection of the wet season over the southeastern United States.

    3. Stroman, A., Summer 2011: The rendition of the Atlantic Warm Pool in Reanalyses.

    4. Moeller, A., Summer 2011: Low frequency variations of the sea breeze in Florida.

    5. Frumkin, A., Spring 2011: Predictability of dry season reforecasts over the tropical South American region.

    6. Pantina, P., Spring 2011: Characterizing the variability of the Indian Monsoon: Changes in evaporative sources for summertime rainfall events.

    7. Michael, J. -P., Summer 2010: ENSO fidelity in two coupled models.

      Undergraduate Honor Thesis directed

      1. Buchanan, S., Spring 2016: A proxy integrated kinetic energy for tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic.

      2. Carsten, J., Spring 2016: A comparative study fo the integrated kinetic energy of the tropical cyclones in the northeast Pacific and the north Atlantic basins.

      3. Laurencin, C. N., Spring 2016: Characterizing the variations of the motion of the North Atlantic tropical cyclones.

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