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  1. Coral Literature: Literature that interpolates coral data accompanies paleo coral studies on NCDC:
    Click on a particular study, and if literature accompanies the study, it can be found under Original Reference near the top.

  2. ENSO

  3. ENSO events since 1525:

  4. Southern Oscillation data from 50 A.D.–present(*):

  5. Hurricane

  6. 270-Year Fluorescence Atlantic Major Hurricane Reconstruction Study:

  7. Paleohurricane Record (Annual Tropical Cyclone Counts/SST Record): Michael Mann:

  8. Paleo-hurricane Activity in Everglades Area:

  9. Hurricane Impacts on the Everglades:

  10. Paleocean

  11. Paleocean Literature: Literature for paleocean data accompanies paleocean studies on NCDC. For paleocean links, the corresponding literature can be found under Original Reference near the top

  12. Vegetation

  13. Paleoclimate vegetation:

  14. Debra A. Willard has done numerous vegetation studies in the Everglades:

  15. Willard study on vegetation response to wet vs. dry climate:

  16. Paleoclimate vegetation, climate variability responses:

  17. Drought

  18. Drought Gridded Reconstruction for Continental US (PDSI Paleo Study: 899 A.D.–Present):

  19. Sea Level

  20. Literature describing synthesis of all available relative sea level paleo data:

  21. Planktonic foraminifera

  22. 20,000-Year Florida Straits SST Reconstruction Publication:

  23. Tree Ring

  24. Literature accompanying Fritts' tree ring reconstruction: H.C. Fritts, 1991, Reconstructing Large-Scale Climatic Patterns from Tree-Ring Data: A Diagnostic Analysis, University of Arizona Press, Tucson, AZ, USA.

  25. Tree ring: Stahle, D.W. and M.K. Cleaveland, 1996. Large-scale climatic influences on bald cypress tree growth across the southeastern United States. In Climate Variations and Forcing Mechanisms of the Last 2000 Years , edited by P.D. Jones and R.S. Bradley, NATO Advanced Science Institute Series; Series 1: Global Environmental Change, Vol. 41, pp. 125-140. Springer, Berlin.

  26. Pollen

  27. Pollen Literature: Literature that interprets pollen data accompanies paleo pollen studies on the NCDC website. Pollen studies can be narrowed to Florida by using the Pollen Search Engine and selecting Florida in the middle column:
    Click on a particular study, and if literature accompanies the study, it can be found under Original Reference near the top.

  28. Cave

  29. Speleothem calcite farmed in situ: Modern calibration of d18O and d13C paleoclimate proxies in a continuously monitored natural cave system:

  30. Miscellaneous

  31. 20tth Century Reanalysis V2 Study:

  32. 20th Century NARR Study:

  33. Michael Mann Temperature Reconstruction:

  34. Studies produced from University of Miami RSMAS, many concerning the Everglades:

  35. University of Miami contacts who research paleoclimate:

  36. Everglades past climate:

  37. Past and present water budget in Everglades (page 126 in PDF, 112 in study):

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