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Note: Ventilation is a measure of water movement and refers to subsurface water that comes in contact with surface water (the atmosphere). In the studies above, the author defines ventilation rate as the fraction of the total volume of the subsurface water mass that ventilates each year. Since layers of subsurface water are quantified by density, ventilation rates are returned for isopycnal (constant density) lines (Dr. Steve Morey, personal communication).

Tree Ring

  • Stahle and Cleaveland10 explored climatic signals in bald cypress trees in the Southeastern United States. The study suggests a strong link exists between the tree rings and precipitation, but concludes more information is needed to produce an accurate reconstruction. We note that four bald cypress tree ring datasets exist for Florida, but were not included in the Stahle and Cleaveland study. Florida tree ring data can be found by visiting the NCDC's Tree Ring site, then using the Tree-Ring Search Engine:

  • Visualization for Fritts' tree-ring reconstruction9 for temperature and precipitation across the continental United States is no longer available. The data from and description for Fritts' study are available on NCDC's Climate Reconstructions page, located under Air Temperature-Local and Regional-North America.

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