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Daily GHCN Stations located near the Canaveral area with more than 50 years of record

Station Name Start Month End Month # Years Available
St. Augustine 07/1892 03/1973 78
Daytona Beach 02/1923 Current Month 54
Daytona Beach Intl AP 01/1937 Current Month 76
New Smyrna Beach 11/1892 07/1959 68
Titusville 01/1901 Current Month 112
Melbourne Weather Forecast Office 07/1937 Current Month 66
Vero Beach Intl AP 12/1923 Current Month 57
Ft. Pierce 01/1901 Current Month 112

Note: There is little temperature variation across Florida during the summer. However, during the winter, a temperature gradient builds, with the northern part of the state being a few degrees cooler than the southern part. The above stations, arranged from north to south with Titusville at the center, are able to provide a good, though not exact, approximation of temperature and precipitation for the Canaveral area. Data are available from additional stations, with shorter time periods, around the Canaveral area.

Upper air data are also available from Cape Canaveral, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Jacksonville (station number 72206) has been active since 1955; Tampa (station number 72210) has been active since 1975; Cape Canaveral (station number 74794) has been active since 1956.

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