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30-Year Mean Temperature Normals for the Canaveral Area (Titusville)

Month 1961–1990 1971–2000 1981–2010
January 58.6°F 58.6°F 58.6°F
February 59.8°F 61.5°F 62.7°F
March 65.1°F 66.5°F 67.0°F
April 70.5°F 70.6°F 71.2°F
May 75.6°F 76.3°F 77.2°F
June 79.7°F 80.5°F 81.4°F
July 81.3°F 82.4°F 82.9°F
August 81.4°F 82.4°F 82.9°F
September 79.6°F 80.6°F 81.2°F
October 73.8°F 74.8°F 76.2°F
October 73.8°F 74.8°F 76.2°F
November 66.7°F 68.3°F 69.3°F
December 61.2°F 62.4°F 62.9°F
Annual 71.1°F 72.2°F 73.0°F

Source: 1961–1990 normals are from World Climate, 1971–2000 normals are from SERCC, and 1981–2010 normals are from NCDC.

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